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We provide our customers a bank of credits per year that allows us to manage their website content, technical & functional updates

Many companies create resources and information but don’t know how to or don’t want to update their website themselves. That’s where we come in – with flexibility you can count on and price you can afford. With our annual website maintenance, you can count on buzinessware for a fast turnaround and a no questions asked policy. We will also review your site and content and make recommendations for improvement where we think they’ll benefit your business overall. We shall estimate the time required for the tasks required and provide reports of the hours exhausted and pending as per your requirement


credits /year


credits /year


credits /year


credits /year


credits /year

* 1 credit = 1 hour
> Content updates (Image cropping, Blog / Article uploads etc) – 1 hour work = 1 credit consumed
> Technical updates (Scripts, Versions, Patches etc) – 1 hour work = 1.5 credits consumed
> Functional updates (Programming, API’s, Integrations etc) – 1 hour work = 2 credits consumed

In addition to stipulated work, we also provide an annual website health check-up including backup, security, performance & analytics (Add-on products to be purchased separately) to ensure smooth, seamless operations of your website

Tired of corporate jargon and technical buzzwords? Keep it simple with our all-inclusive, Web Maintenance (AMC) plans wherein we get access to a bank of credits per year to manage your website content, technical & functional updates. Leverage our expertise from 1000+ projects delivered over 20+ years to manage your web experience and elevate your brand value